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About the Foundation

“…educate leaders who can bring about better understanding among religious traditions and cultures …

IFIIE came into being in 2005 through the efforts of Adalberta Mazzini Bernardini, who has a Doctorate in Early Islam, and her husband, Armando Bernardini, former Vice President of Bristol Myers Squibb in Europe. Adalberta continued to deepen her knowledge of Oriental Studies in various academic institutions, while following her husband to the United States, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and Germany. After a lifelong experience travelling different countries, she and her husband decided to dedicate their time, resources and energies to the creation of this Foundation.

IFIIE has no political affiliation, nor is it an academic institution. It is an independent entity that seeks – through the generosity of private donations – to promote academic research and education around interreligious and intercultural dialogue. To this end, it facilitates Conferences and Seminars on topics selected to further the search for common values.It grants fellowships to individuals belonging mainly to Judaism, Christianity and Islam who demonstrate an authentic interest in deepening their knowledge and understanding of others' religious traditions.It operates as a Think Thank for advocacy activities in areas such as education and religious issues. In this manner, IFIIE strives to promote an awareness of the common values lying behind diversity.

IFIIE is interreligious both in scope and constitution. Its Advisory Board is
constituted by professionals and researchers belonging to various religions and cultures. Their role is to provide guidance and support in several matters including curricula implementation, the selection and evaluation of applicants for fellowships,the promotion of academic symposia as well as advocacy activities.

IFIIE is active worldwide, with its headquarters in Rome.

Who we are

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